The Toys for Tots Charity is one that has been near and dear to the heart of Iron Mountain for many years, especially to our Baroness.  She has requested that our tournaments, both Heavy and Rapier, have a donation request of a toy or monetary donation to this noble charity. If you decide to make a donation by check, please make that check out to “Marine Toys for Tots Foundation” and we will forward that on to the charity with all the other donations received. The cost is generally $5 for the toys.

Heavy Tournaments:
Sword and Mistletoe Tournament (Standard Double-Elimination List)
Come and fight in one of the oldest tournaments in our fair Kingdom of Meridies! While you’re at it, you can join in the fun of helping one of the oldest organizations in our great country!  The United States Marine Corps and their charity Toys for Tots!

Vulcan’s Crucible (Open to combatants that haven’t won a Tournament)
Before a sword becomes a devastating weapon, it must first be forged, shaped and hardened. The raw iron must first pass through the fires in a crucible, to be converted from the raw elements, into the extension of the warrior. Thus too, must every warrior be similarly shaped and forged. On December 8th, the newer soldiers of Meridies are invited to step forward, and be ready to claim their glory and pass through Vulcan’s Crucible. This will be the first of a yearly bridesmaid’s tourney, open only to fighters that have never won a tournament before. The winner will leave with a symbol of their victory, to be displayed throughout the entire year, and all of the honor and glory that goes with having passed the trial by fire. This is your chance to break away from the pack, and bring honor and glory to your name, house, group and kingdom. I look forward to seeing many new faces on the field, as you each vie for the renown of having survived Vulcan’s Crucible.

– Baron Bjorn

The “Shire’s Sinister Single Sword Showdown”
Sponsored by Shire des Forges
Join Shire des Forges as we finish off the day of fighting with a little fun and frivolity. Fight off-handed and undefended in this single elimination sabre tournament! This will be your last chance of the day to make those donations to Toys for Tots and no amount of excess donations will be refused!

Rapier Tournaments:

A Warming Up Tournament!
The first rapier tournament of the day will be a single elimination tournament with wounds retained!

The Inaugural Agnarr Skullcleaver Memorial Toys for Tots Charity Tournament!
In memory of our dear friend THLord Agnarr Skullcleaver
Buy your way into the tournament with a toy!
This will be a William Marshall Style tournament where you can buy extra lives with the donation of a toy!

Master Davio’s Prize Fight!
More information to come!!!!